is a singer and a composer from St. Petersburg, Russia. She writes songs and sings in Russian, English and French. When JENIA was 12, she started to take classical vocal lessons, and by 1998, she had become a laureate of a St. Petersburg vocal competition. Later she performed with classical repertoire in Finland & Hungary.
In 2000 JENIA started studying Modern Vocal, as well as Piano, Music History, Music Journalism etc. at Smolny College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (St.Petersburg, Russia) and Bard College (New York, U.S.A.). In 2003 a collection of her poems called “My Songs” was published in St. Petersburg.
JENIA’s singing could be heard on TV and radio in Russia, and her song “Ville de France” appeared among the songs of De-Phazz, VFSix and Incognito on a “Nu lounge” CD collection, published in Moscow in 2006.
In April, 2008 one of JENIA's favorite music bands “Nouvelle Vague” performed in St. Petersburg. After their concert JENIA passed a demo CD with her songs to their producer - Marc Collin. In a short time JENIA got an offer from him to come to Paris to record. As a result in the next album of Nouvelle Vague there will be 2 songs ( “Marooned” and “Aussi Belle q'une Balle”), sang by JENIA. In october, 2008 JENIA recorded an aria of Violetta “Addio del passato bei sogni ridenti” from Verdi's “Traviata” for the “Private Domain” project by Iko and Marc Collin, held by Naïve Music.
She also sang this aria in April 2009 for the Radio France International in the program “Les musiques du Monde” . In the forth coming months JENIA will perform with Nouvelle Vague within the special French project, they are making for “Les Francofolies” in France, Belgium and Canada. At present JENIA is working with Marc Collin on the album of her own English and Russian songs.

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