Daniella D’Ambrosio a new yorker with italien background moves to Europe where she pursues a modeling career during ten years. Longtime attracted to music she decides make use of her freetime in between photo shoots. Choosing France as her country of residency she goes seriously to work, learning guitare, recording programs and frequently attends the Studio des Variétés to practice singing technics. She forms the group Veo Veo with Alexis Mauri (aka Alexkid) and guitarists Stefane Goldman and Leo Hellden. To celebrate two Parisien concerts (Batofar and the Maroquinerie) Veo Veo releases a single (vinyl 10’ limited edition) on the label Set, that is positively remarked by the Inrockuptibles and Le Monde. Parallel to wrting and recording titles for the first album of Veo Veo Daniella records with Nouvelle Vague a cover of “friday night, saturday morning” from the Specials, Frantic “dans tes bras” from the Dresscode album, and Aswefall “between us”and “game we play” album titled Bleed. She participates in many concerts with Aswefall and it’s with them she composes and performs the song “between the miles” chosen by Air France for their last worldwide publicity campaign 2006-2007. In 2006 she co-writes and interprets “back and forth” for the album Caracol of Alexkid, a magnificent ballad unanimously acclaimed by the press (a masterpiece… that ends the album in gentle beauty…magnificent ballad…splendid Daniella D’Ambrosio…) Veo Veo is currently playing live.

Daniela's performance on Nouvelle Vague :
Friday night, saturday morning

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